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Top 10 Features That We Want in iOS 9

We are about 6 months away from Apple announcing there new mobile OS at WWDC. The new iOS will introduce some new features and improvements over the previous iOS update. Apple has never been about listening to its customers, it’s been about making its own way and having everyone adjust to it. It is no secrete that in the past Apple has taken a whole bunch of features first found in jail-breaking like folders, multitasking, wallpapers on lock-screen, volume button shutter for camera, bluetooth file transfer, wireless syncing and implemented them into iOS.

Here is the list of Top 10 Features That We Want in iOS 9. The really cool thing is that most of these features I am going to tell you right now are currently available right now on a jail-broken iOS 8 device. That is pretty crazy and I won’t be surprised if some of these make their way towards iOS 9.

Top 10 Features That We Want in iOS 9

10. Split Screen Multi Tasking

Split Screen Multitasking - Top 10 Features That We Want in iOS 9

The very first thing I want to see is split screen multi tasking. Apple has got a whole bunch of larger devices now that it makes complete sense to make use of that larger screen area like android has for the longest period of time with Samsung’s Galaxy Note series. A jailbreak tweak ReachApp for iOS 8 allows you to do that right now.

9. User Profiles or Guest Accounts

Guest Mode - Top 10 Features That We Want in iOS 9

Say you want to share your device but you do not want everyone to access all of your private data instead you just want them to let them make a phone a call or just a text message. I know there is a way around it in iOS 8 and it is called Guided Access but it is not easily access able from lock screen. On a jail-broken device you can get GuestMode and do that right now on your iPhone or iPad.

8. Better Text Manipulation

Text Manipulation - Top 10 Features That We Want in iOS 9

iOS 8 is a little bit uncomfortable when you need to select text for copy, paste or replace it. Every-time you need to do so, you got to tap and hold and then drag those tiny markers around to select the text. There should be a smart way around this to do so right? There is a jailbreak tweak called SwipeSelection that allows you to select text by swiping on keyboard and it is easy and much more natural then what you have to do right now to select text.

7. Customize Control Center

Control Centre - Top iOS 9 Features

No one needs all those toggles that are currently on control center. Apple did allow to manage sharing options in iOS 8 by letting users remove or rearrange the Apps that are used to share content around. Apple should let users to manage the shortcuts in control center so users can remove calculator and add their favorite app instead. You can easily customize control center with a jailbreak tweak called Polus.

6. Dark Mode

Dark Mode - Top 10 Features That We Want in iOS 9

If you have used OS X Yosemite, you know how useful is Dark Mode at night or when you do not want to be looking at bright colors. A system wide Dark Mode in iOS 9 really makes sense. By making everything that is bright white to dark grey or charcoal color you can give your eyes a break. On any jailbroken iOS 8 device you can get Eclipse 2 and enable system white night mode.

5. Power Saving Mode

Power Saver - Top 10 Features That We Want in iOS 9

Everyone had those times when their battery drops bellow 20 percent and they can’t survive through that moment. There should be a power saving mode that you can set manually so when your device gets to a certain battery percentage it will go into survival mode. It will disable LTE or turn off WiFi or Bluetooth if not in use or maybe dim down the screen brightness to make your phone last a bit longer than usual.

4. Ability to set Default Apps

 Default Apps - Top 10 Features That We Want in iOS 9

In iOS 9, users should be able to set default Apps like internet browser. By default, iOS redirects links to Safari but if you prefer Chrome over Safari then you have to open the link manually by copying it from Safari and pasting it in Chrome. You can solve this problem if you are on a jail-broken device by a Cydia tweak.

3. Group FaceTime calls

Group Facetime - Top 10 Features That We Want in iOS 9

FaceTime is best but it will be great if Apple adds the ability to FaceTime multiple people at a time. Currently you can do that in FaceTime audio call but in a FaceTime video call it will be much better.

2. Reachability

Reachability - Top 10 Features That We Want in iOS 9

Right now reachability is extremely limited in iOS 8. I have seen so many creative tweaks that make use of reachability. It makes to use device with one hand much more simple and easy. MyReachability, Switchability and ReachTheNyanCat are some jailbreak tweaks that improve the functionality of Reacahbility in iOS 8. It would be a great welcome change if Apple did add more features to reachability in iOS 9.

1. Search inside Settings

Spotlight Search - Top 10 Features That We Want in iOS 9

The ability to Spotlight search inside of settings would be a nice welcome. There was a jailbreak tweak that I saw but it was not that practical because it kept freezing. If Apple can allow to search inside settings from Spotlight, it would be a great timesaver.


Thats the end of Top 10 Features That We Want in iOS 9. These features (if done correctly) will improve user experience very much. This would be a smart way to move forward with iOS 9.

What would you like to see in iOS 9? Tell us in comments down bellow.

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