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Rumor Roundup: iPhone 6S & Galaxy S6

Today we will be talking about the iPhone 6S and what we might see later this year the Galaxy S6 and Touch Wiz.

Rumor Roundup: iPhone 6S & Galaxy S6

As usual iPhone 6S is not expected to launch until later this year but people already know what is expected from the upcoming iPhone. The usual anonymous sources say that Apple’s next flagship will offer a pressure sensitive touch screen similar to what we will see on the Apple Watch.

iPhone 6S - Rumor Roundup iPhone 6S & Galaxy S6

Basically what that will do is use the sensors built into the display to tell how hard (or light) you pressed against screen and respond differently depending on which one you do. If the rumors are true, it can definitely change the way we interact with our smart phones. Maybe iOS 9 would be able to send drawings via iMessage or share your heartbeat with anyone in your contacts.

Beyond that the same reports claim that we finally see 2 GB of RAM built into Apple’s next iPhone and no less than 32 GB of storage. It will also come with an upgraded camera system with a dual-lens system and optical zoom. Now essentially what optical zoom would allow you to do is take clear shots when zooming in on a subject as compared to software zoom which sometimes leave the shots looking blurry or grainy.

iPhone 6S Camera - Rumor Roundup iPhone 6S & Galaxy S6

With optical zoom you will get sharper shots without the weird software artifacts that we get on the current generation iPhones.

Now if all these are truly included in the new iPhone, I am really excited to see how Apple plans to use this new technology and software together. Right now, its only just a rumor and we actually have to wait for while to see what Apple has in stores for us.

Moving on to Samsung Galaxy S6 the company’s new devices are expected to represent a fresh start for Samsung from a hardware perspective and it looks like Samsung will take the same approach towards software as well.

Galaxy S6 - Rumor Roundup iPhone 6S & Galaxy S6

A new report claims that the upcoming device will feature a totally redesigned version of TouchWiz UI that is less bloated and more efficient than ever. The new report also adds that the new TouchWiz is designed to look like Google’s stock Android UI on devices like Nexus 6. Beyond improving its looks, Samsung wants to offer a smoother experience and take up less storage space within its own software. We are expecting to see the new software alongside the Galaxy S6 this March at Mobile World Congress.

Almost everyone wants a stripped down version of TouchWiz and Samsung is finally giving it to their users. TouchWiz is great to a certain extend and offers really cool features that you won’t find on stock android like multi-window mode and easy-mode but there is too much unnecessary bloatware installed that eats up your storage space. Hopefully in Mobile World Congress we will see something great from samsung.

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