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How to post iPhone slo-mo videos

I hope a lot of you have seen some slo-mo videos on the internet shot from iPhones and they look amazing. People always keep asking me how to post iPhone slo-mo videos to upload on internet or just share those moments in a home video.

How to post iPhone slo-mo videos 240fps

Unfortunately, right now you can not post slo-mo video from iPhone. For some reason, Apple has not added that feature to iOS 8 yet, maybe we can see Apple letting users to export slo-mo videos. You can still upload the video in 240fps (or 120fps iPhone 5S) but that is without that slo-mo effect that plays the video at 1/4 speed to slow the motion. You can further edit and slow that in any video editing software to put slo-mo but that is way too long of a process.

How to post iPhone slo-mo videos

Download TruSloMo iPhone

To make the process of exporting videos from iPhone with slo-mo effect rendered simple, you just need to download an App from AppStore. It is called TruSloMo and it is a free App but offers in-app purchases to unlock some premium features. The free part of the App will get job done for most of us.

How to post iPhone slo-mo videos TruSloMo

Begin by recording some slo-mo video from your iPhone. Open TruSloMo on your iPhone and tap on the big folder icon to import the slo-mo clip into the app. The interface will look similar to that of the iOS. Chose the part of video to be in slo-mo by moving the marker on top. Click on the play button to see the preview of your slo-mo video. If you are happy with the effect, tap on done to export the video to Camera Roll. Now the exported video is playing at 30fps instead of 340and has the slo-mo rendered into it. You can share the video to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or email it to anyone like a normal video.

After unlocking in-app purchases that costs $1, you can do even more with this App. You can select the end point of slo-mo or even add multiple slo-mo sections to your video. Now, there is a trick to select end point in free version. Make sure you record long enough video so that you can select the end in the App and trim out the extra part in the default Photos app of iOS 8. Have fun sharing some slo-mo videos to the internet.

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