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Apple updates Macs without Permission

Apple has started to push out its first automatic security update that does not even requires user’s permission to install on a Mac. This update will help you to protect your Mac from hackers.

This update addresses the security vulnerability CVE-2014-9295. This bug effected OS X as well as other Linux and Unix based OS.

Speaking of the update, Apple said that this update is a very minor and seamless update that Mac users will not even be required to restart their computers. Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute and the US Department of Homeland Security said that Apple is not the only big company who should be afraid of these security bugs that may lead hackers to their computers and steal some data. Vulnerabilities in NTP (computer’s network time protocol could allow hackers to get remote access of any computer.

Apple quickly patched exploitable security bugs and sent the update automatically over air. Before this, Apple required their users to manually accept and install the update. Apple has this technology of updating systems automatically for about two years but Apple is using it now for the first time.

All the updates, even the simplest ones have the risk of failing systems. In this case the update is so small that the risk of problems is very minor. But what if you do not want Apple to automatically update your computer? Well, there is a solution to that too. Go to System Preferences then App Store and uncheck Install system data files and security updates. This will disable Apple’s automatic updates.

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