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YouTube Supports 5K Video

Last year Apple released a iMac with 5K Retina Display and everyone was surprised. That was the first ever Mac that packed so many pixels. Apple explained the engineering that went behind this beautiful panel. That was the begining of 5K.

iMac with 5K display is aimed at professionals like videographers, photographers or musicians. But what if you just want to watch 5K videos on it instead of being productive?

There are cameras that can shoot in 5K or even in 6K but not everyone can afford to buy those. You have an option to upscale video but upscaling looses sharpness. So where can we find 5K videos online? Well YouTube Supports 5K Video streaming. It is not available in every country or state but currently if you happen to live in United States you can stream 5K video from YouTube.

Streaming 5K video requires two things: a solid internet connection and a powerful computer to handle that video stream. Not everyone has access to those but if you are lucky enough then I recommend you watching this video in 5K because I think monkeys are cute.

It might seem a little bit crazy but it is the future of videography. Imagine streaming a 5 minute 5K video from YouTube on your 5K smart-phone after using 500mb of data and your battery jumps from 90% to 60%? What are your thoughts about it? Leave your thoughts bellow.

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