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What is Fiverr and How to Earn money from It?

What is Fiverr and How to Earn money from It? Online World has many opportunities for Freelancers and Hardworking People, But there are many scammers online. As you know that earning money from PTC sites is not an easy work and there are thousands of scammers. But there are also other options from where you can earn money easily through your Talent.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is one of those sites through which you can earn Quite a Decent Bucks Easily and Rapidly. This site was Founded by icha Kaufman and Shai Wininger with the aim of providing people with a Platform where they could Buy and Sell Micro-tasks for a small amount of Money. Actually this is just a sites act as a Broker Between Buyer and seller.

On this site People order any Offer they like for just $5 and Seller have to complete that Offer in the given time and You are done. But if you think that earning money on this site is that easy, Than you are wrong, Because earning money anywhere is not very easy. You have to do some hard work for that. Same situation is here, You should know some skills to work here.

What you can Offer?

Here you can create an Offer for Buyers Which is named as a GIG on This site. The buyer Just have to Order That Gig, he can also order that Gig as many times as He wants to order. If you are thinking that what should be a Gig for Buyers?

What is Fiverr  What you can do on Fiverr
What you can do on Fiverr

My friend You can Offer anything you are expert in Just Like if you are a Web developer, then you can offer a Gig to develop a Custom theme from .psd to code for someone’s blog or Website. Or let us take another Example, If you are a good writer and write articles for certain niches You can also offer your writing skills here. If you are offering some services just like Link Building,Link wheels, Blogroll links and Blog Commenting, You are at the best place to sell your services.

How they Protect my money?

If you are thinking of Your Money Protection on fiverr than you should not worry much because Fiverr do some extra Steps for Scams and Frauds on their site so that nobody can easily scam. They hold payment after Buyer have marked the Gig as Completed for some days, so if that is a Fraud than you can report a Dispute and so on.

protect your money on Fiverr  How to Earn money from It

For creating a Gig you Need a Suitable title for that Gig, category, subcategory, Description, Tags, a Photo or Video for that Gig and you also have to specify a specific time in which you could complete that task. Here When a Buyer Orders something from your gigs, you have to complete that work in the time specified while creating that Gig.

After completing that Gig you have to Submit Work, It solely depends on the nature of delivery that needs to be Delivered as a File of a Message. And after the Buyer Checks and marks the work as Completed, Fiverr will hold that payment for some days for some Extra security and after that clearance, you can withdraw that money to your PayPal account Easily.

What are Fiver Levels?

At the start Fiverr faced many problems with Regard to some people who just don’t want to work and are not trusted, Fiverr just want to get those people on top of search results who are completing work in less time and are Trusted in their work.

For this reason, Fiverr created a Level System for their Website where every seller is rated and filtered to get to the next level. There are basically three levels.

  • Level one Sellers
  • Level Two Sellers
  • Top Rated Sellers

Their detail is shown in the Image Below:

Fiverr Levels Deeply Explained What is Fiverr and How to Earn money from It
Fiverr Levels Deeply Explained

What you can Make from here?

Some people are making their living on Fiverr orders But i don’t say that you will also be able to make as much money. Instead you can earn some money as your Pocket money or for buying some smartphone of your choice.Or you can just pay off your Internet Bill (like i do).

From Author:

Fiverr is a Platform where anyone can make quite handsome amount of Money in little time. So start working on and you will have some Great Results.

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    • Sign Up, use your real name, info and Picture, try to present yourself in more professional way.
      Create a gig using your account for the service you want to offer (designing a logo or writing an article, etc) and wait for orders.


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