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Top 5 WaterProof Watches of 2014 by Casio

Stylish Watches add an extra touch to a person’s personality. These days there is a Huge Trend of Waterproof watches in nearly every class of people. Nearly everyone wants to buy an Stylish as well as Waterproof watch for his wrist. These days there is a huge competition in the companies of waterproof watches which makes it difficult for a person to buy best among those. I have seen many awesome and waterproof watches from Casio and Today I am going to mention 5 Best WaterProof Casio watches of 2014 in this post.

Best Casio Waterproof Watches:

Casio Men’s GW7900B-1:

Casio G-Shock GW7900B-1- Latest Water Proof watches

This is an awesome example of Casio Shock resistant technology. It is fully waterproof up to 200 meters depth of water. Made of black resin which gives it a Sleek look and gives you more smooth feeling after having it on your wrist. Having four dials for Date, Time and even Tide Charts for some boating lovers. Have 4 Large Silver screws showing its 4 buttons for different functionality. Now you can reach a stopwatch in it by some simple steps.

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Casio Men’s GD100-1B:

Casio Men's GD100-1B - Top 5 WaterProof Watches of 2014 by Casio

It is another Amazing Freak watch from Casio G-Shock series. It is extremely easy to use because of its Oversized buttons and better readability due to its comparatively bigger dial. Its more powerful internal LED makes it easier to watch time in dark conditions. More than that it is Shock resistant and upto 200M water resistant for tough conditions. Its awesome because of its 5 different independent alarms, Includes world time with 31 time zones (48 cities + UTC), city code display, daylight saving on/off and lots of other cool features.

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Casio GA110AC-7A:

Casio GA110AC-7A - Top 5 WaterProof Watches of 2014 by Casio


Casio GA110AC-7A  is yet another awesome Water proof and Shock resistant watch with really cool contrast of colors. It is a Hybrid watch having qualities of both Analogue and Digital Models in it. Its uses Blue resin Band along with Impressive XL case as a Base. It contains delighting contrast of Red, Blue and Orange colors. It is also available in many other colors. Best Thing I observed in this Freak that it is Magnet resistant.

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Casio GA150MF-1A:

Casio GA150MF-1A - Top 5 WaterProof Watches of 2014 by Casio


This is Watch by Casio with amazing and Unique 3D design, Which Creates a look of Toughness. It is also Water Proof, Shock resistant and Magnet Resistant watch with several other qualities. It Have a Metallic Red Face which makes it stand out of the crowd. It is also Hybrid Model having both Digital and Analogue systems. Its band is made up of Black Resin.

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Casio GA-1000FC-1AJF:

Casio-GA-1000FC-1AJF - Top 5 WaterProof Watches of 2014 by Casio


Last in our Collection but not the Least, Casio GA1000FC-1A is the best Watch from all 5 I have listed here because of its awesome functions. It is Black and White faced Watch created to match the needs of Modern Aviator, Both is the terms of Appearance and Working.

It can Measure Temperature, it have built in compass to tell direction and large hands for prominent appearance of time. Also it works in both, Digital and Analogue. Also it gets illuminated in Dark due to Automatic UV-LED Neon-Illuminator Light. This Freak is also known as Sky Cockpit.

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From Author:

These were Some of The best Waterproof watches of 2014 from Casio G-Shock Series and they are best in their Qualities for outstanding performance. Keep visiting for more stuff like that. And Yes, Show us your Love in Comments.

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