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Top 5 Tech Failures

Every now and then companies release some gadgets. There are a lot of really great gadgets and there are a lot of really not so great ones. Lets take look at some of not so great ones.

5. Windows Vista

Windows Vista - Top 5 Tech Faliures

Windows Vista Launched back in 2007 as one of the biggest overhauls to Windows ever. It took a whooping five years to complete. What finally shipped was a version of Windows which has more than few issues. The biggest problem with Windows Vista was that a lot of things just flat out didn’t work anymore. Printers were a big thing. A lot of printers which worked great on a Windows XP computer unless they were lucky enough to get updated for Windows Vista were flat out paper weights.

It was also big and bloated. Windows Vista need a much more powerful PC to run on then Windows XP. Just for the record, Windows 8 is a six year old newer OS which actually runs better on old computers than Vista. It was definitely a step backward.

4. Google Nexus Q

Nexus Q - Top 5 Tech Faliures

This was a weird one. Google announced a Nexus Q few years back as a media player or streaming player as a competitive to Apple TV and Roku. However they already had a competitor and it was called Google TV. So what exactly was a Nexus Q? Basically it was a ball shaped media streamer that allowed you to watch youtube videos, listen to music and watch videos from Google Play. Thats all. You had no Netflix, no Hulu or even no way to watch your own media files. It offered all that for about 300$.

From this a genius can clearly tell that it did not got of the ground. In fact, Google ended up canceling it before it even came out. Those few people who pre-ordered this ended up getting it for free and Google quietly let the whole thing disappear.

3. Apple Maps

Apple Maps - Top 5 Tech Faliures

I think anyone who used Apple Maps to get to their destination knows what I am going to talk about. Ever since the iPhone came out, Apple have been relying on Google to supply maps for the phone. However as someone from their company decides to shout hey we should totally be able to make a new Maps app we can stick it to google and make something way better. Ahhhhhh…. I wish it was like that

At first, it looked really cool. They showed off a mode called Flyover which basically allowed you to fly around cities in a full 3D view. Then it came out to public with iPhone 5 for the first time and people realized that it was a massive downgrade.

Compared to the old google maps, there was a lot of the stuff that was flat out missing and a lot of things were marked wrong. and to make things even worst, there was no way to downgrade back to use google maps on your iPhone until google released their Maps App into the AppStore.

2. HTC First

HTC First - Top 5 Tech Faliures

After years of rumors that Facebook will be making their own phone, they finally did it in early 2013. Cool right? Except it kind of wasn’t. In fact what they actually released was two different things. One was Facebook home: a free app that Facebook-fied your phone. And then there was the HTC first: It comes with Facebook home preloaded however that was pretty much all it had going for it. In simple words: you had a choice of downloading a free app from google play store or buying a phone which comes with the exact same app preloaded.

That was clearly a recipe for success. After a month of release, they sold 15,000 HTC first while on the other hand Samsung sold their flagship Galaxy S4 15,000 times an hour. Only AT&T was the only carrier where you can buy it and it decided to offer it for free with a contract. After a month HTC First was pretty much dead.

1. Google Wave

Googel Wave - Top 5 Tech Faliures

This is actually one of two (other was google buzz) failures from google attempting to make a sort of social network in 2010.  This one lasted just 75 days. Kim Kardashian’s wedding lasted 72 days. This was the product that went public and immediately stopped development 75 days later google just open sourced it and said you can have its not really working for us. Obviously google plus has done a lot better then google wave.

Google Plus has done a lot for google but Google Wave was pretty much a disaster for the company. That definitely did not go well.


Its safe that you’d want to know if the product is bad before you release it. That is kind of a theme of this article. Either way what do you think are the worst products that different companies launched. Be sure to let us know in the comments down bellow.

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