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Top 5 Best iPhone Apps for Free

There are hundreds and thousands of apps available for your iPhone device and other devices of Apple like iPad and iPod touch but isn’t this amazing that most Best apps from them are absolutely free. Today I have listed the top of them in my list I am going to mention here.So here comes the list of best iPhone apps which are absolutely free.

Best iPhone Apps for Free

5. Facebook:

Facebook app for iPhone


In today’s world,there is an immense significance of social media and networking in our life. We use Social media sites such as Facebook in daily life very much and according to Alexa, it is ranked on second number in United states.Facebook application is designed absolutely perfect for iPhone and iPod Touch. using this app you can re-post stories to your friends in just one tap from news feed. You can also tag your friend in any comment,photo or post.

4. Converter Plus:

Convertor plus app for iPhone
Convertor plus app for iPhone

This is a unit conversion app optimized for iPhone 5. This app includes very extensive list of currencies and units in hundred of categories, This list includes units like weight,force,energy,area, power,length, mass,pressure, speed temperature,etc.

3. Drop Box:

Drop box app for iPhone
Drop box app for iPhone

Drop box is a free service which lets you to access your files,docs,data from any where from any device like iPhone,iPad,iPod touch,etc from your Drop Box. This apps includes features like saving all of your photos,videos and other files automatically to your Drop Box with up-to 3 GB of free space for your files.Also adds files to “Favorites” for fast, offline viewing. So if you left your phone in Plane or bus you do not need to worry for your files just because of Drop Box.

2. Gmail:

Gmail app

I know that there are hundred of mail apps by using which you can access your Gmail account but if we use Gmail’s very own application which is absolutely free,by using this app you can access Gmail account more instantly and securely.

This iPhone app features real-time notifications and search your entire inbox. This application allows switching between 5 accounts, you can see your profile pictures in your chat,get notified of new email fast.You can also interact with all of your Google+ account features from your Gmail app, reading your Gmail emails as conversations, send and receive attachments, auto complete as you type your contact names on your Gmail contacts or phone,and lots of more features are included in this app.

1. iBooks:


If you don’t like kindle then don’t worry because Apple has got its own eBook store and you can download and read eBooks from there.

Using this Free iPhone app you can download and read Best-seller and classic books from iBookstore. You can highlight any part of text from any e-book and bookmark it with Built-in Bookmarking feature,Search any word of line of text within the eBook with Built-in search feature.

you can also share any of the phrase or paragraph from any part of eBook and share it to any of the social networking service like Facebook,twitter,Google Plus,etc. Even hundreds of more feature awaits you in the iTunes store.

Editor’s desk:

These are Top 5 Best iPhone apps for Free, Soon I will publish a list of Top iPhone photo editing apps,so stay tuned.

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