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ThemesFinder.com – Finding Themes for Blog Now Got Easier

If your website is designed and build on WordPress platform which is self hosted, you may also have knowledge about the StudioPress themes, themeforest themes, elegant themes and many other themes from different companies.

In short there are thousands of good and bad Theme companies in the world that you can’t easily find a theme suitable for your Blog. But Today I want to share my experience/review With an Awesome Tool/Service Known as Themes Finder.

Themes Finder is actually a huge hub of finding the templates or themes for different kind of platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, etc. Themes Finder have collection of information about more than 9000 Themes and templates.

I have visited and explored the whole website and all of the themes were of good design and came up with some excellent features.

Themes Finder- Themes Finding Service

After a good research on this website I find out that Themes were well designed and developed with built-in functions. At start of blogging career, many newbie bloggers want to give their website or blog a great and decent look in order to get maximum readers and good Impression on them as well as readers.

On the other hand every Blogger and webmaster wants Themes which should have built-in SEO features and also They should be SEO Optimized for better Search Engine Exposure.

I would recommend them to try out the themes from this superb website. The awesome functions I noticed in Themes found using Themes Finder are mentioned below :

  • Awesome navigation management.
  • Superb element colorization.
  • Short Codes.
  • Support/ Updates.
  • Built in widget features.
  • Built in SEO Functions.

The best thing that I found in the Themes Finder website is that they offer you to Find theme according to your required CMS and category and then it sends you to the website of that theme so that you could easily continue your Shopping and download that theme.

Now main thing is that what type of themes this website is going to offer, let me tell you that themes finder offers:

  • Fashion Niche based themes.
  • Professional design based themes.
  • Online store based themes.
  • Reviews based themes.
  • Magazine style based themes.

You just have to go to website and start finding themes for your blog and after finding themes it will redirect you to theme’s Official website so that you can buy that theme.

The best thing of this tool is that you can search themes based on Categories and platforms. You just have to choose keywords like Technology, Blogging, News, Magazine, etc for finding themes for that specific category.

There are other various options that you can also checkout the themes of some other websites on this main themes website like elegant themes, fab themes, themeforest etc. Mostly they have collection of Themes for Tech Blogs which is most popular niche now a days.

They also include many other categories of themes like Landing Pages, Entertainment, Fashion, Forums, marketing, Photography, Portfolio, etc. Even you can Fix price range in which you want to buy themes and that tool will show you those specific themes which are between that price range.

I have completed my whole review, now it’s your time to go to this website, check and also try it for Finding Themes for your Blog. If you have any query related to their site or this review you can mentioned them below via your comments.

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