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Should you worry about iPhone 6 Plus bending? #Bendgate

Lets talk about #bendgate! I know I am late on this news, but this is because I don’t wanted to make any judgments without experiencing it in person. The fact that iPhone 6 Plus has a bending issue was the top news in technology for past couple of weeks. A lot of pictures and videos appeared on the web showing the bent iPhone in their pocket and the story started to grow.

Bendgate by Lew Unbox Therapy

A guy named Lew from Unbox Therapy posted a video of himself bending the iPhone by applying pressure on the back. That video went viral and crossed tens of millions of views in just days. Media made a controversy out of that video and said that this video is fake.

Apple responded to #bendgate with this statement:

With normal use a bend in iPhone is extremely rare and through our first six days of sale a total of nine customers have contacted Apple with a bent iPhone 6 Plus. As with any Apple product, if you have questions please contact Apple.

So is the Apple telling you truth? Maybe not. They are just trying to save the reputation of their (and many other’s) beloved iPhone. They don’t want their customers to think bad about their products and Yes they are there to help you always. And as always there are some things that Apple and the media will never tell you. Why? Because Apple don’t want to get a bad name in technology and media (and other big tech blogs) will always show the good side of Apple because they don’t want to lose their ‘in’ in Apple.

iPhone 5 Bending Unbox Therapy

Well story continues, more and more pictures were posted on the internet and they have one thing common in them all. The iPhone 6 Plus was bent at the same exact spot which is near the volume keys and the sim card cutout. This clearly shows that the unibody aluminium design is not strong enough at those points. In the iFixit teardown of iPhone 6 Plus we can see a metal reinforcement that is giving strength to the soft aluminium body. That metal reinforcement is screwed near the volume keys and hence that is the structural weak point this design. If it was not there or instead of putting a screw, Apple should have laser welded it than it should have given it the needed strength at the critical point.

iPhone 6 Plus teardown iFixit

The “scientifically” done bend tests are not done right! Because they apply pressure at the center of the phone, which is not a critical or weak point. To conduct fair bend tests, pressure should be applied on three different points on three different phones to test its durability and strength.

HTC Blackberry Bent Phones

The term “bending phones” is not new and a lot of reports were made previously of different phones that got bent like Blackberry, HTC and many more. Even iPad mini has the same unibody aluminium design and pretty much you can bend it too. When something is made thin and light, chances are that it is not going to be as sturdy as other competitors that are not that thin and light. Apple is known for making thin products but how thin will products get? Well, we have to wait and watch.

Should you worry about the #bendgate?

So the thing boils down to this: Should you worry about iPhone 6 Plus bending? No, obviously not! I don’t think that every iPhone 6 Plus is going to bend in pockets. I own iPhone 6 Plus and I am pretty rough at handling phones. I go to gym and train with my iPhone in my pocket and till this date I have not seen a bent in my iPhone. I also use a clear shell case on my phone but this is not a super strong case, it just protects from scratches. Obviously if you apply force with your fingers and try to bend it, yeah you can bend the phone and pretty much break it. But why would you do that? To scare people and to make them not buy iPhone? Maybe!

If you are interested in buying an iPhone 6 Plus then go ahead. It is not going to bend if you are going to take care of your 750$ phone. If you can not take care of that expensive iPhone, I hope you are rich and you can afford a new one pretty easily. In normal to little rough use (with a case on) your Plus size iPhone is not going to bend magically in your pockets. Yes, it may be happening to others but it does not mean that it is also going to happen to yours too. You can even drop your phone and crack its screen which can be a lot more worst (and can make it completely unusable) and it is much likely to happen than bending it. Just be smart and use your brain.

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