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10 Tips To Save Battery on iOS 8

Apple released the new iPhone OS and it is called iOS 8. This update includes a lot of new features including Handoffs, Quick Replies, Custom Keyboards, Metal and much more. All of these features boosted the performance and capabilities of iPhones but they all costed the battery life.

Here in this video I will tell you some common Tips to Save Battery on iOS 8. All of these tips (if followed correctly) can make your iPhone battery last a little longer and help you get through the day without plugging your iPhone to charger.

If you do not want to turn off any of the iOS features to save battery then you might need to plug in your iPhone quiet often to make it through a day. In this situation you have two options. You can either get an iPhone Battery Case or get a Portable Backup Battery to charge your iPhone or any device when you need. I personally suggest you to get a Portable Backup Battery because iPhone Battery Cases are not cheap, have less capacity and they often make your device bulky.

If nothing works for you or you need to charge your iPhone more frequently then you should contact Apple and ask them to perform diagnostics online. They will then let you know if you need to send in your iPhone for service or there is any software bug that is causing the battery drain.

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