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Samsung starts manufacturing of Apple’s A9 Chip

Samsung has started manufacturing of Apple’s A9 chips which are believed to be the heart of next-generation iOS devices including iPhone 6S.



After TSM (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.) to produce A8 chips for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2, Apple is going to stick back to Samsung for the large production of A9 chips. The new A9 chip will be using Samsung’s 14nm FinFET technology which is smaller in size as compared to current 20nm chip. The new chips will also be 35 percent more power efficient with 20 percent increase in speed. This is ideal for mobile devices so they can fit bigger batteries for a better user experience.

Apple’s contract with TSM has caused Samsung a very big loss in chip manufacturing business. Samsung’s semiconductor head Kim Ki-nam conformed that they will be supplying 14nm A9 chips to Apple. Company hopes that its new chip manufacturing technology will jump-start its profit back to where it was and recover those losses.

First production batch of A9 chips is for prototype models of next-generation iPhones that are expected to be released later in 2015. Till now, no specs are conformed about these chips.


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