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Rumour Roundup: iPhone 6, iOS8 and iWatch

Apple is likely to plan an event on September 9th 2014, which they have not confirmed yet but rumours from several tech Giants are that it is going to happen on September 9th, 2014. At this event they are going to announce the most awaited, bigger, new iPhones (4.7inch model and maybe a 5.5inch model) and who knows, maybe an iWatch too.

There have been so many mockups, cases and parts of the rumoured iPhones and we all have a good idea of what it is gonna look like. The design is identical to the iPod Touch 5th generation. The front glass will entirely be made out of Sapphire which is going to make the display super clear and impossible to scratch (but not shatter proof, or is it?) as demonstrated it in some YouTube videos. It is also clear that the display is not made up of Pure Sapphire (like TouchID) and this gives it the flexibility to be bent without breaking.

iPhone 6 Design iPod Touch 5th generation

Inside of the new iPhone you are going to find Apple’s new 2GHz Dual Core A8 64-bit chip. For the bigger iPhone (5.5 inch model) I hope that there will be something new in it than the 4.7inch model to make it worth having it though because 4.7 inch screen (if done properly, like Moto X) is the sweet spot which is big enough to enjoy the phone but still comfortable to use even with one hand.

iPhone 6 Case

The rumoured iPhones will be coming out in mid-september and there is not like a set date for it right now and the bigger 5.5 inch model will be coming out around mid October (maybe 14th October) but nothing is conformed yet. I personally don’t think that there is a need of a 5.5inch iPhone (unless there is a huge spec jump), 4.7inch screen size is the perfect sweet spot for everyone without carrying an overly large funny looking phone with you.

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This is the perfect time for Apple to announce new gadgets and they might announce the rumoured iWatch which might be a huge deal in the smart watch industry because the Apple’s rumoured iWatch might be heavily involved into the health industry and not just notifications because (I and lot of other guys) there is simply no reason to wear a smart watch just to catchup your notifications. We can do the same by taking the phone out and not spending 100 or 200 extra dollars to just look at notifications and be the cool kid that is wearing a smart watch to show off. There should be a reason that smart watches can really help you do something new like Adidas miCoach and Nike+ FuelBand.

Apple iWatch Concept Design

Also with the rumoured iPhones, Apple will announce the gold master build of iOS8 which is the final build. It will be available for developers on the same day.

Apple is not likely to introduce the new iPads on this event. There will probably an other event later this year in october. The new iPads are rumoured to be in production and have a new design tweak around speakers. The new LCD is said to be more energy efficient and thin than previous generations. Display glass front has a anti-glare coating on it to improve sunlight readability. The new iPads will also feature the new Apple A8 processor and also TouchID.

iPad 5th Gen with new LCD display

What do you guys think the new iPhone will feature or what is your wish list for it?
What will Apple call the new iPhones? iPhone 6 or maybe iPhone Air? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down bellow.

Update: It has been rumored that Saphire Glass may not come to 4.7 inch iPhone 6. It may be used in the 5.5 inch iPhone (which may just not come) or in iPhone 6S.

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