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Interview:Raheemullah Khan – The Youngest Blogger of Pakistan

Interview:Raheemullah Khan – The Youngest Blogger of Pakistan Exclusively on Tech Tapper.

Pakistan is having Thousands of Probloggers who are making their lives on Blogging and Freelancing. But there is another side of the coin, many other Young boys are also trying to struggle and have success in blogging But only few of em meet to success.

Today I am going to Interview a Personality which is not as successful as Probloggers But he is holding a Title of The youngest Blogger of Pakistan till now. Yes you Guessed Right, Today I am having my Cute friend and the youngest Blogger of Pakistan Raheemullah Khan,The owner of Known.pk and a young blogger who is living a good life with Blogging and going towards Success.


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Raheemullah Khan

Me:Hi Raheem Thanks for dropping by and giving your precious time to Tech Tapper. Raheem Would you mind to tell me something about you and your daily routine?

Raheemullah:Hi Hamid, thanks for inviting me for interview in your esteemed blog, well I’m a young guy belongs to the most beautiful city of Pakistan that is Quetta. I’m a student of grade 9 at present and by hobby I’m a blogger. My family members call me “Raffee” and “Digital Native”


Me: Oh! Digital Native, Sounds awesome. So how do you come to know about Blogging??

Raheemullah: Hamid being sincere, there was a personal reason behind it. I don’t have a cast family we’re just 6 members at home and at that time I was really different from the boys at my age. Being different from other boys means that I was not interested to make friends and go out and play with them. I was just loving my life to live happily and lonely. I love to read Magazine containing so many Techy Stuffs.

One day I was tuning channels at my Television then suddenly I tuned to a Private News Channel of Britain where I saw that “Facebook now successfully have 500 Million active users which are making Mark Zuckerberg a millionaire”. I started to research about Mark Zuckerberg and suddenly came to know that this guy is not involved in offline business and he was earning that much big amount of money just from internet!!

I started to research on Internet about Earning money online. I just wanted to have a possible and authenticated way of earning money online. After research of so many days I ultimately came to know about PTC (Paid To Click) Sites. I joined one. Unfortunately it was just a scam. I didn’t earn a single penny from that site.

Again I started to research online and I came to know about blogging. I was really not awared that blogging would be that much difficult huh! I started to do the same which is done by every novice blogger THE COPY PASTE! It was the biggest mistake ever done by me.

I wasted my one whole year just copying other’s content rather than writing it myself. Well, after a year my blog was terminated by Google just because of copying stuff from other sites.

After that blog I successfully came to know about My Blogger Tricks, owned by a Pakistani guy Mohammad Mustafa Ahmadzai. That blog was the only who guided me and gave me some pure ideas about being a successful blogger.

Me: That Story was really Amazing and wonderful. Raheem tell me how do you manage time for blogging & studies at this age?

Raheemullah: Hamid It is hell difficult for me to manage time for Blogging and Studies. Now exams are at my head and I’m just 40% prepared for exams. Being a little brother and Son, it is much difficult for me to manage time for blogging. All the domestic and home works on my head. I’m responsible for every matter at home untill my father comes back from office. But by the grace of Almighty Allah, I’ve now successfully learnt how to manage time for Blogging and Studies.

Me: Who gave you idea of Known.PK?

Raheemullah: Well, Known.PK is My dream blog! No one gave me the idea of creating Known.PK it is the result of an experiment done by me. I was willing to test how much Pakistanis are Social now. How many of them search Stuff related to Pakistan. But my this experiment went ultimately to the right direction which was really not expected by me.

One of my Cousin Wajid helped me in creating Known.PK successful. He wrote Good content for Known.PK but my blog touched success just because of you guys. I’ve learnt so many new things from my friends like you.

Me: I want some words from you about your blog Known.PK.

Raheemullah: As I already said above, Known.PK is my dream blog. It made me to live an unexpected life. I never expected that I will become that much popular and successful. I love my blog and I’ll never ever leave it.

Me: Raheem one day you were going to sell your blog Known.PK, what was the reason and why you didn’t sell it?

Raheemullah: Hamid, it was the most disappointing day for me. I’ve not unveiled the reason yet with any one but today I’m going to unveil it in front of you and your readers. That day my traffic was suddenly dropped to 70%. I didn’t knew the reason why my traffic just dropped suddenly.

I became sad and thought to sell it on Flippa but unfortunately Flippa was not able to help me in selling .PK extension. So I submitted a thread to a well Known FB group where Pakistani Bloggers help each other and I started to get so many bids. But after waiting a few more days my traffic went to normal point. I took a relieving sigh and changed my mind to not sell.


Me: Can you tell Us about your monthly earnings?

Raheemullah: Mmm. It’s the most difficult question ever asked from me LOL. But Hamid being sincere, I earn more than $500 every month Alhamdulillah and thanks to Allah improving every month.

Me: Raheemullah these earnings are really awesome at the age of 15. What are your earning methods and to whom you give all of your earnings?

Raheemullah: Hamid my primary Method of earning online is obviously Google AdSense and thanks to Allah I’m getting Direct ads and Link Ads too.

One part of my earnings goes to the expenses of my blog and authors and the other one to my Mother 🙂

Me: Are you satisfied with Blogging?

Raheemullah:Obviously No! I’m not satisfied yet. The reason is if I’m satisfied with my earnings and blogging then I’ll not do as much hard work as I’,m doing now. every one knows hard work is the key of success and Hard work comes when you aren’t satisfied with any thing.

Me: Your last words for our readers and new comers to blogosphere?

Raheemullah:Hamid for new comers and your readers I’ll only say that follow these 4 points and the success will follow you!

1. Always Pray to Allah, that is the key to success because if Allah is with you, nobody can defeat you and success touches your Feet.

2. Obey your parents – The most important point for every new comer. Respecting your parents will drive you towards success automatically.

3. Be punctual – Being Punctual doesn’t means check your emails and social networking profiles daily but it means write your content often. Never become a lazy Tortoise.

4. Respect others – Respecting others in your field is the key to become a Pro. Every one will love to read your blogs and your articles. Every one knows “Do respect and Have Respect”

Me: Thanks Raheem for giving your Precious time. Best of luck for your future!

Raheemullah: No Problem Hamid. And thanks for your wishes Peace and Blessings!

So there was Raheemullah khan, My cutest friend and The Youngest Blogger of Pakistan. I wish that You people have learnt many things from Raheemullah Khan’s interview. If you are having any questions, just drop it below, Raheemullah Khan will answer those for you.

30 thoughts on “Interview:Raheemullah Khan – The Youngest Blogger of Pakistan”

  1. I Agree Raheem is the cutest Pakistani Blogger not only in terms of Talking but also in terms of his sizzling Looks :). Hope, I am no Wrong. YEAH, I am not 😀

    Hamid its really hard to feature someone else on your site but guess what you have a big heart that’s what makes a person better than others.

    As Per the interview no doubt Pakistanis are so Talkative the reason why the conversation got spiced up with some Humor 🙂

    I Still remember, when Raheem was in doldrums whether to continue working on his dream blog or to sale it due to some educational issues. However, I told him not to do that. Guess what, Now Known.Pk is the reason why “Raheem” is featured here.

    Lots of Wishes for you too Young Guns Raheem and Hamid. I am getting a Little too old now lol 😛

  2. It is really very pleasant surprise for me to know that MashaAllah such talented kids are in Pakistan and doing great work. I am very happy to know about my lil bro Raheem Khan. May Allah always bestowed you success in every field of life. Ameen


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