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What is Microsoft HoloLens?

Earlier this month Microsoft revealed a brand new product that they have been working on for quiet a some time and it is called HoloLens. When you look at it, it does kind of remind you of Oculus Rift or even Google Glass. It is something that you can put on your face and enter into the world of VR.

Microsoft is saying that it’s going to bring an entire new world to interact with the things that you are used to on a daily basis. Things include like information on the web, talking to friends, calendar events, taking notes, or even playing games with your BFF. This is something that sits on your face and you simply walk around your house (or office) to interact with things.

Microsoft HoloLens Demo

So yes, in year 2015 we are possibly going to be getting holograms closer to reality and it will be useful and integrated in your daily life. These holograms are high definition and they look very sharp and great in the video that Microsoft is showing. They can get the same type of quality from what you see through the lens.

Microsoft also claims that this is not just for fun but it is also going to be extremely useful. Like, you could be able to call your father or mother to help you out with cooking dinner or maybe you can work on your science project like you have dreamed of.

Microsoft HoloLens Virtual Reality VR

In other ways, if you are collaborating with a project, like you are building a motor cycle or a car. You can project your model in real-time on a kitchen table or any surface you would want and see it in real life. Not only that but you can even interact with it to make adjustments in your design or do other cool stuff like we see in sci-fi movies.

Beside all of this productive stuff, you can do fun stuff and play with Microsoft HoloLens too. You can consume media with it, you can project a movie on a wall or stick your notes to your refrigerator. It is the type of interactivity that only you are going to experience at the moment but Microsoft is probably going to allow multiple people in the house to interact with same thing or project.

Microsoft HoloLens Action

HoloLens is a very innovative product, probably the most innovative product that Microsoft has talked about in the past few years. It is one of the things that can make your life a little bit easier but the question with this piece of hardware has come to its battery life and the price tag that Microsoft is going to put on this thing. This seems like a very cool concept and Microsoft is very serious about releasing it but it has to be at their right price point.

It all boils down to the real life functionality and whether or not it is going to appeal to the masses. They have right tools but lets see how they are going to execute this.

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