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JayBird BlueBuds X Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Review

When it comes to Earphones or ear-buds, I prefer wireless. I have tried a lot of Earphone options (wired and wireless) for listening to some tunes during workout and found the BlueBuds X the perfect pair for me.

Here we have the JayBird Bluebuds X Wireless with all accessories inside the box.

Jaybird BlueBuds X Review

JayBird BlueBuds X Wireless Bluetooth Earphones:

The Review:

The BlueBuds X come with a very stylish and hard shell case that has a nice rubberized coating with steel accents. The case is very compact but my only gripe with it that it can be a bit challenge to open due to the strong magnets holding it together for when it won’t open and have your Bluetooth earphones fall out. It has a nice soft coating inside and a green band to keep things organized.

Inside the packaging, you will get a micro USB to USB cable. It is a very unique flat cable which at first looked like an armband to me. It is just a regular cable and it is still pretty cool.

You also get three pair of ear tips that come in three different colors. Black-green, black-white and black-grey. These are all very comfortable ear tips. Depending on your size you will choose ear tips that fit you so you get good seal and that best possible sound quality.

Buy Jaybird Bluebuds X - Best wireless headphonesI personally use, green ones because they fit perfectly in my ears and I was able to hear more bass with it. You also get secure fit ear cushions that help the ear buds stay in your ears while you do some physical activity like running.

You also get two small clips that help condense the cable depending on how you want to wear these. I had a little difficulty using these and did not find them useful but there are instructions included.

Jaybird bluebuds x wireless headphones

Now lets start the show and talk about the BlueBuds X themselves. These are one of my favorite pair of bluetooth earphones due to the versatility they offer. Ear buds are typically already compact due to their small footprint but these take it to another level as they are very, very small. There is just no dangling cables or extra plugs to deal with – you just sync it with bluetooth and you are good to go.


I am a fan of the design of these wireless Earphones and I like the way how they curve into the ear canal so it can direct the music right into the ears. This design helps with comfort and to stay in ear.

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You might be wondering how do you charge these up? Well you just pull a little tab on the left Earphone out and plug micro USB in to get some charge. The red LED on the side tells they are charging and when it turns to green, its time to unplug the charger and rock some tunes.


The in-line remote does not come with all the track buttons that you would expect from a bluetooth device but it does have the volume up, down and play/pause, which also work as power buttons. They offer around 8 hours of music playback and you can get a decent bit far from your device without losing the connection.

Jaybird Bluebuds X - Wireless Headphone 2015

It has a voice prompt that lets you know what actions are taken on themselves such as turning on, connecting or when the battery is low.

The downfall to in-line remote is that when you turn your volume up or down, you hear a loud annoying beep that cancel outs your music or call. This can be pretty frustrating hen you are trying to crank up volume all the way high. Also you can not use play/pause button to skip track (as you would normally do on in line remote designed to work with iPod/iPhone) instead it will direct you to redial.

Talking about ear cushions, I did not expect much support from them but they did a surprisingly good job of keeping the earphones inside my ear and I really have no complaints here. With ear cushions installed you can even use them in over the ear way.

Sound Quality

I know you have all been waiting for this part. I must say that these sounds great. They offer some great bass and beautiful clarity. It is important that you use the right ear tips to maximize the kind of sound you are looking for. Me personally love bass but not too much so I found that green ear tips work best for me. As far as music goes, this does it wonderfully. They are definitely better than other wired ear buds I have tried.

These are even great for taking calls. You will hear anyone you are speaking to with perfect clarity and they will hear you the same way. I had no issues in those regards what so ever. You can buy these at Amazon.


In the end. I am very happy with the sound quality I got out of these and I am very much impressed with them. If you are looking for a pair of buds to workout in, they are the ones you should get. I will highly recommend JayBird BlueBuds X Wireless Bluetooth Earphones to anyone who hit gym and sweat a lot because they are sweat resistant too.

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  1. BlueBuds X are the best sports earbuds in my opinion. If you are serious about your sport and fitness you shouldn’t have a problem forking over the money. They are the more expensive ones, but man they feel good when wearing them. They look good, sound good and will last you many wears if you take good care of them.


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