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iPhone 5C – Is it going to be a Revolutionary Product?

We will find out, at September 11, if the ongoing rumors of a cheap iPhone, allegedly named “iPhone 5C”. It is more likely that it will be true. If that happens, it will be the latest of the step taken by the Apple Inc. In recent times, these steps included the launch of iPad ‘mini’ last year September 12.

Years ago, when the first iPhone was introduced, Steve was asked about a cheap iPhone, he ruled out that idea saying ‘we cant compromise on features and quality’. But now, two years has been passed since Steve’s death and the Cupertino Giant seems to increase user volume by producing cheaper devices which, from company’s point of view, is also correct.

Apple iPhone 5C – Is it really going to happen?

iPhone 5C has been around in the internet from probably 8 to 9 months, along with its premium brother “iPhone 5S”. There are over a dozen of prototypes of 5C hanging around there over this year. There all have different designs, but one thing is common among all, its plastic surface.

iPhone 5C Rumors and leaked photo

iPhone is known for its premium looks, design, elegance etc. But, in my opinion, plastic case is not a big problem, if that happens, no one in this entire world would buy a Samsung Smartphone, from tiny Galaxy Y to giant Galaxy S4, its all “Plastic”. So Plastic or Aluminium it doesn’t matter much. Leaked photos suggest that iPhone 5C will be available in different colors like blue, yellow, pink. Each phone also has a wallpaper of its respective color.

Apple iPod nano, also used this technique, and was available in colors like red, pink, yellow, blue, green, black, grey as well as white. If iPhone 5C follows this trend it will also available in above described colors. Well, leaked photos can’t be taken for sure, it gives you the basic idea of design. As far as pricing is concerned, analysts are standing at different ends, With Brian whites of  TCM (Topeka Capital Markets) saying that iPhone 5c could be cost as little as $99(Really Brian!! Are you serious?), On other end there are predictions that it could around $ 400, like the price of iPhone 4.

There isn’t a single comment from Apple on these rumors. like last year, when they release iPad mini. Along with iPhone 5S, it will be the first time the history that Apple will unveil two Smartphones in a single month. With the launch of 5C, Apple Inc. is also trying to find its feet in Chinese market. China is the biggest market, But Apple only has a very little amount of share in it.

It is mainly due to the high price of iPhones. So people tend to buy local cheap Droids. Tim cook, CEO of Apple Inc. also sent a relegation to China Mobile(State-owned ),the world’s biggest mobile carrier,with no more than 740 million subscribers.Now, Apple has contracted with China Mobile, and from now, iPhone will also be available on China Mobile on contract basis.

According to a latest report by Wall street journal, Apple has asked Foxconn(manufacturer) to add China Mobile in list of supported carriers of the 5C. According to reports China Mobile’s iPhone 5C will ship in November.The reason of delay is that the carrier is still waiting for approval to launch its LTE network.

Meanwhile China Telecom, another carrier has already put-up Pre-order pages for both iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Rest of the news, we will find out on September 10 or 11, when apple will held an event in china, iOS 7 and other products will also be introduced.

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