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iPhone 5C Announced – Do C Really Stands for Cheap?

iPhone 5C is Announced in the Apple Event¬†Yesterday and believe me or not “C” Doesn’t mean “Cheap”, It Means “Colorful”. It is announced in the Event Yesterday that Apple iPhone 5C will be available in multiple colors. It is also Announced that it will also have cases with Brilliant colors so that you may customize your iPhone 5C’s Look according to your needs.

Apple iPhone 5c Announced in different colors

Apple iPhone 5C Overview:

Processing and Battery Life:

Apple iPhone 5C- A6 Chip for better performance

The All new A6 chip is there to give your iPhone more efficiency in processing speed and it also Helps to Increase the battery life of your iPhone 5C. You can now just spend whole day taking advantage of the Apps and features on your iPhone without worrying about the battery life.


iSight camera - Apple iPhone 5C

The 8MP iSight Camera delivers awesome pictures with sharp picture Quality. It brings new possibilities to capture Cutting-Edge High Resolution Photos easily in any kind of conditions. Apple iPhone 5C also comes with an amazing camera app with enables you to take pictures in square format and apply any of the 8 filters before or after taking a shot.

Its HD camera let you record 1080p HD videos even at 3X Zoom, many other features like Auto-Image stabilization, up-to 10 face recognition makes it better for people to use in shaky moments.

Other Things:

Apple iPhone 5C also comes with several many things, I am going to list some of them.

  • iOS 7
  • Built-in apps.
  • The App Store

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