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Get Apple Watch on your iPhone

Apple Watch is a new entry into a product line by Apple and everyone is excited about it. The watch itself is made of metal, it is little bit thick, it does not really stick out when you look at it first but it looks amazing and all about style with the interchangeable bands. According to Apple, Apple Watch is your most personal device they have ever created.

For the hardware, there are actually three different versions of Apple Watch with two different sizes (one size does not fit all). It is Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport  and finally the fancy Apple Watch Edition made of 18-karat gold to make the fashion statement and luxury style.

Apple Watch UI on iPhone

What’s really cool is the software it runs and the controls. The knob (digital crown) and a click to interact with the software (though it is a touch-screen display) because Apple do not want you to cover that tiny screen while using it. The home screen on the watch is really amazing in a way how apps are organized and it looks pretty sweet.

Apple says, they are working for years on this watch but they still need some time to refine it. We will probably see it in early 2015 or so, but hey, thats too late for us right? If you have a jail-broken iPhone, you are in luck. You can Get Apple Watch on your iPhone right now.

Get Apple Watch on your iPhone

Follow these steps to Get Apple Watch on your iPhone.

  1. You must jailbreak your iOS 8 Device. If you have not done so, you can find How To Jailbreak iOS 8.1 here.
  2. Launch Cydia and add this source: cydia.myrepospace.com/lamerz Wait until your source packages are updated.
  3. Search for “Apple Watch Springboard” and install this package.
  4. Exit Cydia and reboot your device while making sure your TouchID and Passcode are disabled or you will get stuck in the reboot loop.
  5. After your device has rebooted, open the new weird-looking App and enjoy the Concept Demo of Apple Watch on your iPhone.

Explore around and get familiar to this user interface. I found it pretty amazing and fast to navigate through apps in this way rather than scrolling the pages back and forth to find an app. We might see an updated version for spring-board theme soon that will work system wide.


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