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Fiverr: Some Tips to Increase Fiverr sales

Some Tips to Increase Fiverr Sales.In my previous Post of this Series I Explained about: What is Fiverr and How to Earn money from It?

But I have seen many People who are having no orders and Sales  from fiverr, but  I also do know some People who are making their Lives on Fiverr Orders. I have noticed their Strategy of having Huge Orders and Money of course. So, Today I am going to Explain about How you can increase your Fiverr sales by following some really simple and easy tips. believe me These tips will really help you to Increase your Fiverr sales by 90%.

Make Attractive images for Your Gigs:

Increase Fiverr sales attractive image

Some of the people have skills to complete the Order better than other can but they just can’t get some orders Because a Buyer searches for a Gig, see their gig and just ignores it Because of that rubbishy picture.

So be creative and design a picture for the Gig which will stand out of a Crowd, and obviously you will get more orders. Don’t worry if you are not a designer, you can just pic a dashing Picture from Google images for your Gig which is easy.

Choose Keywords More Relevent:

There are some people who just don’t know that what keywords they should add in keywords field. they just add irrelevant Keywords without understanding the importance of keywords in their Gigs. Just try to search out and do some research for Keywords before adding them to the Gig.

Ask your buyers for positive feedback:

Increase Fiverr sales positive feedback

If you have few orders and completed, just ask your Buyers to make some Good ratings and Positive feed back which will attract more and more Buyers to Buy and test your gig, which will of course increase your Sales. In my case, I was getting no orders at the time, but when I got my first few orders I asked buyers to give a Positive response and that helped me a lot in making a good image at Fiverr.

A video can Turn Your Whole life:

When we come to fiverr sales, Fiverr officials also strongly recommend to make a video for your Gig. this ultimately increases sales by 80%. Because Buyers trust more on the Sellers who are having a video on their gig if we compare to the seller who is just having a Picture. So try to create a small simple video which will attract more Buyers to Buy your gigs. because it helps a lot in making your Gig look more Professional.

Last Words:

These are some Tips to increase your fiverr sales. There is also another technique, Share every gig of yours to a  Social networks for more Exposure. Try to implement these tips and Share your feedback with us in comments Below. Also share some suggestions if you got some.

4 thoughts on “Fiverr: Some Tips to Increase Fiverr sales”

  1. I was using Fiverr for a while but it is really hard to make sales there so I think I am going to try the new one that everybody is talking about.. SEOClerks.com 🙂

  2. Nice post – I am a level 2 seller on Fiverr. I am already following your stated tips,and monthly sales were perfect. however after the new update my sales are dropped. I am getting one to two sales on average now.


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