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Best Screen Protector Ever! Phantom Glass Screen Protector

Screen-protectors are the worst part of protecting your smartphone screen from getting scratched up on daily use but they are not always very fun to work with. We all know that smartphones these days are all coming with CORNING® GORILLA® GLASS that is very solid and will handle daily use very well so you think you can go without a screen-protector and will be great for day to day use. But not all the days are same and some of them are pretty rough and as a result your screen gets scratched (which then increases the chance of cracking your screen very much).

There are a lot of cheap and expensive screen protectors out there but the bottom line is they are all similar in some ways. They are difficult to apply without getting air-bubbles trapped in. They come off and get scratched up very easily. Some of them don’t even work well with touch screens. And they make colors look a little bit different from what they are supposed to be.

Until now all of these problems are unsolved for a average consumer. And now a Canadian company Phantom Glass (that you have not heard of previously) has come up with a very impressive screen protector ever (to date) that has gotten my attention and it made me think about switching.

Best Screen Protector for Smartphones

This is a screen protector made of the fancy CORNING® GORILLA® GLASS that you have got on almost all of your devices instead of a lame sheet of plastic. This means it is flexible, shatter-resistant, scratch-resistant, oleophobic and the best part is the time and effort it takes to apply. It is absolutely clear, has no funny effect on touchscreen performance and does not leave a residue when removing it (and you can re-use the screen-protector – what?). You just clean your phone with the included wipe, peal off screen protector, align it on your phone and lay it down. You do not need to press and remove the bubbles because they work their way out automatically and the screen feels no different from the stock screen on your phone. It uses silicon nano-adhesive to achieve this level of ease and simplicity to apply.

The screen protector is noticeably a fraction of millimeters thick but the edges are smooth so you don’t get cut while using your device and if you have a snug fitting case it will not come off. The company also claims that the micro adhesive fills up the minor scratches which is a huge plus if you have not been using any screen protector for a while and have gotten some teeny-tiny scratches on your device.

I liked this screen-protector a lot because I always want my devices to stay like new and the cheap screen protectors don’t provide enough strength and protection for my devices.  I also don’t want to change the screen-protector every single month to get rid of scratches they get. These screen-protectors are also available for tablets, laptops and cameras as well. I am using one for my iPhone and it is doing me a great job for protection and feel. You can get one for your self online here.

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