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Backup Battery for your Smartphone

It was the time when I was CES (Consumer Electronic Show) and I was walking around and seeing the new stuff that was being announced at there. I passed by the Anker booth and a guy came to me and gave me the Anker Backup Battery pack. I was like “Ok.. Cool.. Thanks” but I never thought how much helpful will it be at CES.

You probably know that there are around 150,000 people at CES every year and they all carry bunch of electronic devices that uses radios to communicate over wireless signals and due to so much interference, smart phones need to struggle more to get signals and so the batteries keep dying like crazy. At CES I never thought how much use I will get out of this Portable Backup Battery from Anker. Even now I am at my home, I have been using this constantly.

Anker Portable Backup Battery

I was not planning to write an article on this but I had to because how much useful this little device can get in situations. This Anker Backup Battery is really cool and you can actually shake to wake it up and ten LEDs turn on to tell the charge status and fade away after. The guy who gave me this battery told me that there was a new “smart” technology (known as PowerIQ) in this which can tell which device you plug into so it can charge it up fast and appropriately.

Anker Backup Battery for smartphone and tablet

This Anker Backup Battery is pretty small but it does have a little bit of weight to it. I carry this around with me all the time so I am sure I have that extra juice with me every time.  I have charged my iPhone for like 3+ times and it still had some charge left on it and to charge the battery itself up, just connect it via micro USB cable to your phone’s charger and let it charge up for a night (like you would do to your phone or tablet). You can even use this backup battery to power up portable 3G modem and provide your internet connectivity. There are bigger batteries from Anker too but I think that this size is perfect for me because I wouldn’t carry a bigger battery with me all the time. You can buy Anker 2Gen Astro for yourself here. If you need a bigger battery, check out Anker 2nd Gen Astro E3 Ultra Compact which offers 10000 mAh in a portable form factor too.


If you have any battery saving tips or gadgets then make sure to share with us in the comments down bellow.

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