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Apple iPad 4 Full Features Review

The iPad was first launched some 2 years ago in 2010 and since then we have since at least 4 changes or up gradation that this device has underwent. The latest upgrade, known as the iPad 4 or the “fourth generation iPad” is nothing but the iPad 3 refurbished and with some changes here and there.

Apple iPad Original

Still, this iPad is clearly the best tablet to have come out from Apple and if you have not got your hands on this beauty than it is time you do.

Design The iPad, just like the previous versions, is made up of only glass and metal & comes in two different colors (black and white). The basic difference between (exterior) between the new iPad and its predecessor is that this one has got a mini lightning connector.


iPad 4 Retina DisplayThe iPad 4 also comes with the retina display which is one big USP for this tablet. At 2048 x 1536 pixels and a 9.7 inch IPS screen this tablet is definitely right at the top amongst the various tablets available in the market today.

Whether you are watching a movie, or going through some pictures or just reading something you will be amazed with the clarity that this iPad provides you with. The bezel is thick and that helps to hold the iPad which, or else will feel bulky and might get difficult to grip.


iPad 4 HardwareAt 1.4 pound this one is good to be held in one hand but the problem is when you shift it to one hand. It is not light weight and though it looks pretty sturdy, one should not take chances of letting it free fall on a hard surface.


iPad 4 SoftwareArmed with the A6X dual core ARM processor this iPad moves a little smoother and provides you with that extra speed. This fourth generation iPad also features the LTE connection which will be handy for users who have to travel in their jobs and end up traveling to different countries.


iPad 4 CameraThe camera still stands at the basic 5 mega pixel in the rear and the front camera is the latest Facetime HD camera with improved optics. Now taking pictures is also faster with iPad 4 and you can edit and share the pictures right away from your iPad.


iPad 4 Battery

With the all new lightning connector one can multi task. This small port can be used for charging, syncing and the connection port. The battery, as claimed by Apple, is supposed to stand up to 10 hours of video play is again similar to what we got with the iPad 3.

Pros and cons

Everything can be found in Apple iPad 4 like books, entertainment, video games, music, etc. The price is affordable. The limitations of iTunes can be a problem.


Though the new iPad comes with a lot of improvements and fine tuning still this tablet might not hold its water in front of the iPad 3. Experts believe that if you won the iPad 3 then it really doesn’t make sense that you invest in buying the new tablet out of the Apple’s stable.

Though with the addition of A6X processor, the tablet works faster and the graphics come out better still there is much more that needs to be achieved for Apple.

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