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How to Add Custom Notification and Ringtones on Android without Rooting

How to Add Custom Notification and Ringtones on Android devices without Rooting – Almost all Android Users who recently started using Android Devices or Android Phones want to use their own custom MP3 Sound as Notification and Ringtones on Android devices but they face the same Problem Which I faced in start when I tried to do so because there is no option to do that ( at Least not in my case because I am using Samsung Galaxy Y Duos which is Running Android 2.3.6 on it.

How to Add Custom Notification and Ringtones on Android without Rooting

So I searched and Found handful methods to do that without rooting my phone, I am going to teach you how you can set custom MP3 sound as Ringtone or Notification tone on Android device without Rooting.

This one is the easiest method to do that (at least for me). I am also going to add screenshots of the whole process for your ease here in this post. We are going to use ES File Explorer File Manager.

  1. First thing you need to do is to Create a new Folder on your SD card.
  2. Now Open your SD Card using any File Manager and Make a New Folder Named as Media on your SD card.
  3. Now Create Two new folders in Media Directory named as Notifications & Ringtones for more Organized work.
  4. Now Add any MP3 sound of your choice to the Notifications folder which you want to set as notifications and move the sounds to Ringtones Folder which you want to use as Ringtones.
  5. Now Go to Settings Menu>Sound>Ringtone and choose the option that whether you want to set notification Tone or Ringtone, I am telling for one of them because you can use the same way for other one.
  6. Now when you will click on the Ringtone Option a Pop up will come out to ask whether to Choose Ringtone Using Android System or ES File Explorer, Choose ES File Explorer and navigate to required folder and choose the sound and it is now your ringtone.
  7. You can Start from Step 5 and set notification tone too.
  8. Below are the Screenshots to help you understand the process.

Step 1:

Custom Android Notifications 1

Step 2:

android notification ringtone 2

Step 3:

android custom ringtone 3

Step 4:

android notification ringtone 4

Step 5:

Set Custom android notification ringtone 5

Step 6:

android notification ringtone 6

So now you have successfully learnt how you can set Custom Android Notification and Ringtones without Rooting your Android Device.


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