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5 Top Best and Free Action and Arcade games for Android

Android OS is the Top Operating System of world now and People keep searching for Free games and apps for their Android Devices. As we have started a New series for Sharing Whole new Bundle of Android apps and games every week.

Today we are going to share some of the Best and of course free Action & arcade  games for android devices for our Readers so that they could enjoy more games in their free time, So have a Look on our Today’s collection:

Temple Run:

free action games for android devices- Temple Run

This is amazing thrill and Action game in which you have stolen the cursed idol from Temple and now you have to run to save your Life. Many Creatures try to stop your way but you know that you will do it.

Download this game Here: Download Temple Run from Google Play.

Angry Birds:

free action games for android devices- Angry Birds

Angry Birds is most Amazing and the most popular game since it is released, the birds out there are very angry on pigs because they have stolen their Eggs and now Birds try to get those eggs back.

Just download this game and you will really enjoy the game. and yes it have been included with 15 new and amazing levels.

Download this game Here: Download Angry Birds from Google Play.

Fruit Ninja Free:

free action games for android devices- Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is another cool game for your Android device. In this game you can slash any fruit on the screen with your finger like real ninja. This game is really Juicy action game with squishy, splatty and satisfying fruit carnage.

You can choose to play in one from three modes for more thrill and action.

Download this game Here: Fruit Ninja on Google Play.

Speed Car:

free action games for android devices- Speed Car

Another awesome Speed racing game, the speed of car increases after every level. This game have 5 levels and after that it repeats levels but with new speed every time. I bet you that you can’t see your car because it Will be flying.

Download This Game Here: Speed car on Google Play.

Ant Smasher:

free action games for android devices- Ant Smasher

Amazing fun game, You can smash ants with your fingers but stay aware that do not ever touch the bees. Now with social connectivity you can also smash the pics of your friends. This is really cool and addictive game for Children and young people and yes this is also a free game.

Download This game here: Ant Smasher on Google Play.

What are your favorite Android or iOS games? Share with us in the comments down bellow.

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