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5 Killer Ways to Make Money Online from Home

Killer ways to make money online

Making Money from home is a most attractive term, Because every one wants an ease to work from home and make money without going to office. But This word “make Money from Home does not seems legit to make money from home.


Because there are millions of scammers out there who trap people with this term. But is it really a Truth?

Yes it is possible, you can make money online from home without going to any office, But it need some hard work. yes it is true that you can make money from home but is not possible without hard work.

Today i am going to tell you guys 5 Killer ways to make money online from home.

Make Money from Blogging:

 Mmake Money online (make money Blogging)

Blogging is a term used for managing a Blog or website, you have to Write articles for your website, manage its design and working, make it Search Engine friendly and do some marketing of it.

After all those steps, display Advertisements on that website and when your Website starts to grab enough traffic from Search Engines or any social media, those Advertisement companies start to pay you well.

For More Details about Blogging Read This Article:

What is Blogging and How to make money from Blogging?

Make Money from Freelancing:

The other easy way is making money by Freelancing, If you are having a skill such as copywriting, Web developing, Logo designing or any other skills, you can work on many of the freelancing sites and grab enough money from there to live your life.

Mostly active sites now a day are Elance, ODesk and Fiverr. In ODesk and ELance you have to make your portfolio and apply for many projects in which you are interested, if the buyer will want to hire you he will tell you that work and you have to do that work.

Mmake Money online (Freelancing)

And he will send payments to you in your ODesk or Elance account and then you can transfer money from there to your bank account. but it is very hard to make a repute in these two communities, but if you succeed in this you can make money from there.

Fiverr is a Site where you can earn $5 for a small piece of work easily. you have to do a task for buyer and he will pay you the money, $1 is charged by Fiverr from those $5 as commission. read a Full Article on Fiverr:

What is Fiverr and How to Make Money from Fiverr?

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Make Money by Selling Goods:

You can also earn money by opening an online store and selling hand-made goods and crafts, Such as T-Shirts, Sweaters and ladies clothes etc.

If you make your Identity online than you can make more and more money online and will have more profit, But keep one thing in mind that always sell quality work in that way you can also build your permanent customers.


Making Money online by PTC Sites:

There are some sites which are known as PTC sites, PTC means “Paid-To-Click”. These sites pay you few cents for viewing an advertisement of at least 5-30 seconds and the money given to you is often 1-5 cents per advertisement.

Mmake Money online (PTC Sites)

These sites allow nearly 5-20 ads per day, this means that there is not much potential in PTC sites to make money online, But you can make enough money if you are having at least thousands of referrals and have upgraded your account by paying some Dollars.

Trending PTC sites are :

  • Neo Bux.
  • Clicksia.
  • Clixsense.
  • Incentria.

Note:  Mostly PTC Sites are Scams and PTC sites are not recommended, because they waste a lot of time.

Make Money Online by Affiliate marketing:

make Money online (affiliate programs)

Affiliate Marketing is a term used for promoting some company’s product and having commissions on every sale made through your Affiliate Link.

If you are a good marketer and you can attract people towards your Product, than you can make a lot of money by promoting products of many giants.

these were some of the Top Ways to Make Money online from Home, Comment below and tell us about your experiences about these things.

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