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5 Best Travel Apps for iPhone

I have been traveling a lot lately and of course I (like others) carry my phone with me all the time. I am sure that you probably have heard of a saying there is an app for everything and this verse is damn right.! There are apps to get stuff done to the apps that tell your fortune. There are apps that can turn your phone into a heart rate monitor to the apps that can give you recipes for lunch. There are some apps that can even turn your phone into a secure vault or let you make purchases with your phone. I have come across a bunch of Apps that are useful while traveling. I just thought to share 5 Best Travel Apps with the internet (you).

5 Best Travel Apps for iPhone:

5:  Free WiFi Finder

Free Wifi Finder - Great Travel Apps

I came to know about this app at the end of my trip but what this app does is simply provide a map with Free WiFi Hotspots around you or the location you want to search and it can give you the phone number and directions to the place. This is a great app if your hotel or the place you are staying at has a crappy WiFi and you need to upload or download big files and is really helpful while you are traveling. I had really poor WiFi where I stayed in so if I had this app it could be a lot easier. Try this app if you are searching for a good WiFi and this app is free!

4. Airbnb

Airbnb - Great Apps for Traverl

Airbnb has a website too but most of the time I use their iPhone App. You can open this app and rent peoples places like apartments, house or you can even rent a room from them to stay in their place if you are traveling. It works like the same way if you just go into a hotel and you pick dates for check-in and check-out and you can see pictures and reviews on them though some places don’t have reviews on them because no one stayed there and I suggest you to pick ones with reviews. You can even rent out your own place on Airbnb if you are away from home or you have a sweet apartment or house that is just haunting dust.

3. Postmates

Postmates - Top Apps for Traveling

This is a delivery service for food. You just open the App and say I want this food (off the menu) from this place (it can be a store or a restaurant) and a driver will go and order the food from the place you told and will bring it to the place where you are staying at. I will have to pay for the cost of the food and the driver’s charges. They are always doing some promotions and deals like you can get free food or a free delivery if you order something from their menu. I used this once and it was a free promotion and I got ice cream delivered to my door steps like wow how amazing is this, right? This app can be very useful in a situation and yeah I definitely recommend you to try this when you are traveling and can not  leave the place you are staying at and only downfall to this is that it is not available in most places but only big cities like New York and LA.

2. Yelp

Yelp - Top Apps for Travel

This a very popular app. Pretty much you go on this and search for a place to read reviews on it or see pictures. It is really helpful to find (good) restaurants or places that you don’t know and see some good alternatives too. I checked for a placed to eat and it recommended me a place that does BBQ and ohh it was fantastic. I have used this app a lot while traveling and this can serve you good too. Download it on your phone and give it a try next time when you are finding some good places that you want to visit.

1. Uber

Uber - Best Travel Apps

This is a taxi service and it has an iPhone and Android app. You basically use your phone to pick a cab and it determines your location via GPS and zip code. When you say pick me up here you can see all the Uber cars driving around. You can choose from different car options like Uber X which is the cheapest way to travel or Uber XL which is the big car if you have multiple people or luggage with you. There is a option for Uber SUV which is pretty much the same thing other than you get picked up in a SUV. Also there is a Uber Black which is little bit expensive but you always get picked up in a sweet ride which is really cool. Uber is less expensive from a regular cab but at the same time it is more convenient because you can put up your address in it which can tell you how much is it gonna cost and how much time will it take to get there. Far most the Best Travel App and you can get a free 30$ ride if you signup for Uber so if you are planning to go somewhere this weekend, go try Uber.

I hope I might helped you some to plan your next trip and to get ready for enjoying your next vacation. If you have any good Travel App Suggestions leave them in the comments down bellow. I will try to check them out and update my list here.


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