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4 Must have Latest Tech Gadgets of 2014

Nearly everyone loves Latest Tech Gadgets and wants to Buy them But it is not possible for someone to choose a best gadget using which they can show-off. We have created a List of 5 latest Tech Gadgets of 2014 for those people who cannot choose best gadget for their Pockets.

Must Have Tech gadgets 2014:

3M Streaming Projector:

3M Streaming Projector

Do you think that you cannot Watch movies in home same as Cinema? Now it is possible using 3M Streaming Projector by Roku. This is Amazing handy mini Projector Which can fit in your palm or pockets. This is Probably the best Tech Gadget for all Cinema movie Lovers.

You just have to Pop in the Streaming stick and you can watch everything from Hulu to Netflix. You just have to place it on Table or place in ceiling or wall and a Strong WiFi, All it got is Built-in batteries and Speakers also.

See Its Price and Details Here: 3M Streaming Projector Powered by Roku (SPR1000).

Customizable Jawbone Speaker:


This is best Choice to be one of the portable speaker for your Smartphone. Yes, This is Portable Speakers you can use to listen music directly from your smartphone device Through Bluetooth.

You have to connect it with bluetooth of your Smartphone and you can listen to the music in speakers on the go. This is also Customizable with veriety of different colors and shades of Cap and Grill hues for new experience every time.

See its Details and Price Here:Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Blue Wave

Logitech Washable Keyboard:

Logitech Waterproof Keyboard

We should apologize that in our daily life routine we use our computers while eating snaks, having cold drinks and drinking coffee and our keyboard accediently gets stiky with oil or sauce or suddenly glass of cold drink can also be spilled on our sensitive keyboard.

Check Out This Video:

For avoiding these accidents Logitech had designed a completely washable keyboard which can also be washed after week or two or daily for removing oily fingerprints from Keyboard buttons. It is probably the Coolest Tech Gadget of 2014 you should Must have.

See more Details and price of this Gadget here: Logitech Washable Keyboard K310-Black, White – USB

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Sony Xperia Z:


This is an amazing Phone By Sony in its Xperia Series. Its best Feature is that It is extremely waterproof and Stylish Smartphone I have Ever Seen.

Read More about This Amazing Phone here ( Sony Xperia Z ) or Buy it Now.

So these were some of the Best Tech gadgets of 2014, Hope You Like these Latest Tech Gadgets.

11 thoughts on “4 Must have Latest Tech Gadgets of 2014”

  1. My top list of must have tech gadgets:
    The biggest tv – happens to be made by car company Porsche. Its 201inches wide.
    apple products – gold apple products like gold iphone, gold macbook
    a flying car – my own private jet, plus i’ll never get stuck in the traffic
    a high tech toilet – kohler toilet, it has touchscreen remote, rises up for you, flushes automaticaly, warms seat in winter, MUCH COMFORTABLE
    A yacht – Travel the world

  2. Good post about some of the hottest tech gadgets of 2013. I think some people would probably find the washable keyboard to have some advantages over traditional keyboards.


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