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25 Retina HD Wallpaper Pack for iPhone 6

Apple’s latest and greatest flagship device is here and it is one of two Big iPhones that Apple produced after very popular and successful 4-inch iPhone 5S. The new iPhone 6 has not just only a bigger display but it is one of the best calibrated displays on cellphones on the market. It is calibrated to produce natural colors and to make the things look like the way they should be unlike most other smartphone manufacturers (uhmmm… Samsung.. *cough*) ¬†that crank the saturation and color gamut to make things pop up a bit more while running the picture. Apple calls the new displays Retina HD and no doubt they are the best in reproducing colors and making your pictures look amazing.

But you know what? You can not just rely on those 43 Wallpapers that Apple packs with your iPhone. They are fantastic but you might need something more that suits your mood, expresses your personality – like that beautifully crafted iPhone does. So we have hand picked the best 25 Retina HD Wallpapers for your beloved iPhone. Have a look at them and feel free to download and apply to that 4.7inch display.

25 Retina HD Wallpaper Pack for iPhone 6



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