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15 Tips and Tricks about iPhone Most People Don’t know

Do you know that there are some tips and tricks you can follow to increase your productivity and make your experience with your iPhone more better than it is now?
The tips and tricks listed here can work with almost any iOS device running iOS 7. You can also follow along these tips and tricks to optimize your phone’s performance and its battery life.

Please note that these tips are in no specific order and i hope you can benefit from all of the tips and tricks that are listed here.

1. Block/Unblock Contact:

If you have that annoying friend that you want to get rid off than you are in luck because iPhone has got your back. To block anyone just go into your phone Settings and scroll down to Phone, Messages or FaceTime (anyone will work fine). Then get down to Blocked and add the contact that you don’t want to receive any messages or phone calls from.

Block Unblock Contact

2. Enable Auto App Updates:

Updating apps manually is a pain and sometimes you can’t remember to update them so by the time you To enable Auto App Updates, just go your iPhone or iPad settings, scroll down to iTunes & App Store and turn on Updates under Automatic Downloads sub-menu. Remember these App updates are very large in size so just make sure to toggle off Use Mobile Data settings.

Enable Auto App Updates

3. Multi-tasking made easy:

iOS7 brought up some great new features and multitasking is one of them. Now, while switching from apps you can see the beautiful cards and can slide left to right to see more apps and to quit an app you can simply swipe up. But did you know you can swipe multiple apps at once to quit them?

Multi-tasking made easy

4. Timestamps are still here:

Everyone was annoyed that they can’t view timestamps on messages but you can by just a simple swipe on bubbles from right to left can reveal the trusty time stamps on the messages.

Timestamps are still here

5. Change Siri voice Male/Female:

Now for all of you ladies out there, you can change your Siri’s voice to male from female and it also sounds more natural than before. Just go to Settings, Siri and change the voice to male in Voice Gender. Quick tip: You can save your battery life by toggling Raise To Speak off  feature.

Change Siri voice Male:Female

6. Restrict Cellular Data for some Apps to save on your cap:

You can now save up on your monthly bills by restricting selected apps from using cellular data. Just go into Settings and tap on Mobile or Cellular settings. From there you can allow or restrict any app to use or to not use cellular data. This tip can save a lot for you.

Restrict Cellular Data for some Apps to save on your cap

7. Add your Coupons/Gift Cards by scanning them into PassBook:

PassBook can be used to collect all your tickets, coupons, or gift cards in one place and offering a convenient way to use them. To add your coupons, tickets or gift cards to pass book tap on Scan Code on the top right corner of App and then scan the QR Code to add that pass to your PassBook.

Add your Coupons:Gift Cards by scanning them into PassBook

8. Turn Background Data & Location Services off:

Apps running in background and also using location services can end up using more battery than they should be. You can restrict apps to run in background by going into Settings, General and then to Background App Refresh and turning off any App that you do not want to run in Background. Note that turning background data for messengers like BBM and WhatsApp does not stop them from sending you notifications. To toggle off Location Services go to Settings, Privacy to turn off Location Services for certain apps to preserve battery life.

Turn Background Data & Location Services off

9.  Turn Do Not Disturb mode on:

You can turn on Do Not Disturb in Settings to turn off all the notifications from buzzing you around. Just go to Settings, Do Not Disturb and turn it on manually. You can also schedule it to a specific time that you do not want to be disturbed. Further you can allow calls from different groups like Favorites or turn on Repeated Calls to make sure you do not miss important notifications.

Turn Do Not Disturb mode on

10. Setup location-based Reminders:

You can set up reminders on your iPhone so that when you get on to or leave a specific location,  your iPhone will remind you. To setup location based reminders, add a new reminder, tap on the option button next to it and then toggle on Remind me at a location on and tell the location on which you want to be reminded about.

Setup location-based Reminders

11. Use control-talk remote for taking pictures:

Taking selfies is so much fun and now you can take this to next level by using the cheap earbuds (or any that have control-talk built into them) that came with your iPhone. Plug the earbuds in your iPhone, launch Camera app or ask Siri to do it for you, and then press the volume up or down on your handsfree to take a picture.

Use control-talk remote for taking pictures

12. Charge your iPhone faster by turning Airplane mode on:

Ever being into hurry-up-its-getting-late situation when you just wanted to charge your phone fast. Here’s a quick tip for you: Turn on Airplane mode and lock your device to charge it faster. To turn on Airplane mode, swipe from the bottom to reveal Control Center and turn Airplane mode on.

Charge your iPhone faster by turning Airplane mode on

13. .com in Safari hidden in . key:

Seriously? Don’t be mad on the new keyboard design in Safari. You can enter .com (and other commonly used TLDs in your location) by long pressing . key on keyboard. That is a cheezy-peezy pie!

dot-com in Safari hidden in . key

14. Use your iPhone as leveler:

You can use your iPhone not just as a compass but can also use it to level things which can come in handy while doinh some DIY-projects. To use leveler open Compass app and swipe left to go to leveler.

Use your iPhone as leveler

15. Hand over your iPhone to kids without worrying about anything – except breaking it:

Now you can give your iPhone to any kid that wants to play Candy Crush and can forget about messing with your iPhone. To turn on Guided Access go to Settings, General, Accessibility and then scroll down to Guided Access and turn it on. Then you need to set passcode and turn on accessibility shortcut to activate it in any app. Then open any App and tripple click home-button to activate and than hit start. You can even lock in app buttons by circling around them. This can be very useful for Teachers to lockdown students in a specific learning app and restricting from messing.

Hand over your iPhone to kids without worrying about anything - except breaking it



These are few of many tips that can help you get more out of your iPhone. If you have any tips, tricks or hacks for any iDevice, please share them with us in comments bellow.

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