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10 Ultra HD Wallpapers for Windows 10

After having so many rumors and leaks about the upcoming Windows 9, Microsoft had an event and they announced Windows 10. Microsoft said they ditched number 9 for a reason and we all will know when we will see it. Does it makes sense? Uhh no..? And when is it going to ship to consumers? Later in 2015. So we have to wait and see what Microsoft will reveal more about their upcoming release of Windows 10 which promises to increase your productivity. You can preview the beta version of Windows 10 at preview.windows.com.

Windows 10 will ship with some great collection of wallpapers but hey, more is better, right? We have collected a set of 10 Ultra HD Wallpapers for Windows 10. You can use download these wallpapers for free and use them on any operating system or screen size (probably 4K) of your choice.

10 Ultra HD Wallpapers for Windows 10

What do you think of Microsoft’s next release of Windows? Will it make windows experience better or follow-up Windows 8?

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