What is MASK SMS

What is Mask SMS and How People Scam Using them

What is Mask SMS and How People Scam Using them? So basically why am I posting this Article?

Few days ago i received an SMS from “FIA (Federal Investigation Agency)“,It was having no sender number and other information, It was just having “FIA” in its sender name section, just like Mobilink or Warid in sender section. The original SMS was:

We have got a complaint against you. Kindly Remove the fake news of announcement by Rehman Malik Regarding YouTube from your website Techtapper.com

When I saw that I got Stunned, because I had copied the news from original Tweets of Senator Rehman Malik and after I saw many big blogs publishing that news I published that news. I was also having the screenshots, so I consulted my friends(They are all good Bloggers) about this problem.


One of them told me about this that it is a “MASK SMS“, Because he was using same service for the SMS marketing of his Blog PROPAKISTANI and he also told me that somebody trolled me and told about MASK SMS in detail and I realized that I was really Trolled by someone.

So I am writing this article about MASK SMS.

What is MASK SMS?

Mask SMS is a service provided to Brands to increase their sales and visibility by SMS marketing. This can be used by them by using their Brand’s name instead of “Sender name” just like “Mobilink” and “Ufone” etc.

A normal person who is not familiar with Mask SMS will be trolled by these kind of easily because he will think that this sms came from original company. And this is the way Scammers are doing their work and also scamming other innocent people.


This service can be availed at very cheap rates and many companies are offering this service, that is why scammers are able to do such activities just like this. Of course this service was made for good but it is not being used as good and going into bad hands day by day.

Please do not be scammed if you receive this kind of sms by any of the company, if you want to check that either it is original sms sent by company or not than you should call the Official contact number of that company for confirmation.

Please comment below and tell us about your Experiences about this service.


  1. That was really amazing got your number, I mean id you mentioned your number somewhere o blog or facebook. Like its a very common thing that someone writes about a government’s policy, DO FIA is this much free that they keep sending people messages to remove some stuff rather then nabbing outlaws ?

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