Rehman Malik-Youtube Ban to be Lifted in 24 Hours

Today Interior Minister of Pakistan Rehman Malik announced in a tweet on Twitter that YouTube block is going to be Lifted in 24 Hours, In his tweet he wrote:

” I chaired a high level (meeting with) all stakeholders on the (YouTube). (Good) job by PTA (to) block anti-Islamic material! (Please expect YouTube) unblocked in 24 hrs”


Youtube Ban to Be Lifted

In another Tweet made today he acknowledged that:

“There was a gr8 demand to unblock Utube from all sections of society esp fellow tweeps..expect the notification tday! Hope u r all happy now”

Youtube Ban to Be Liftedin 24 hours
Youtube Ban to Be Lifted In 24 hours


YouTube was Blocked 3 months back for posting “blasphemous material” at the orders of Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf had in mid-September.

The movie clips of “Innocence Of Muslims” which were hosted on you tube caused violent protests and Govt. of pakistan also Protested against those clips and announced an :Ishq e Rasool” day.


We want to also tell our readers that there was no effect of YouTube ban of YouTube ban in Pakistan as People used VPNs and Proxies to access YouTube.


  1. so bad to see that the government is totally against youtube than applying proper filtering mechanism. still people can access youtube with some other ways like VPN ..


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