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Guest Blogging Tips: How to Get Your Post Accepted

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 Here are a few tips for getting your blog post accepted. The most surprising tips are the ones that tell you to break rules that you may have come to expect when Blogging. So many guidelines and rules exist for Google that many people are confused as to their meaning and are unsure what advice is good and which is phony.

For this reason you may have noticed that many blogs have vastly different submission rules. This article cannot anticipate all the rules of different blogs, but does explain a few things you should do that should increase your chances of getting your blog post accepted.

Great Grammar but not too perfect

Many times people follow the rules of grammar, spelling and syntax too tightly. The truth is that the search engines are not sophisticated enough to pick up on all by the worst grammar, and so many spellings exist for certain words that you can still spell some of them wrong and it will make no difference at all.


Plus, Google and Bing know that some words are misspelled on purpose because it is a colloquialism, or a known term or expression, (e.g. texting).

Following the rules too tightly will make your writing seem to dry and academic. Blog posts are not academic journals, they are not even articles, and they are content posted by one person alone based upon whatever they wish.
Nobody has set any cast iron rules for blogging in the same way they have set them for a research essay or medical text entry.

Great spelling unless quoting or being expositional

Your spelling does not have to be perfect if you are quoting or being expositional, but making common mistakes that are easily picked up by a spellchecker is a big mistake. There is little excuse for not running a spell-checking program over your blog post before you submit it.

You should be proofread your blog post too, so that you pick up on any typos that you accidentally entered. They may not show up on your spell checking program because many typos will still create correctly spelt words.

Guest Blogging

Do not cover topics that are already all over the first page of Google

Sometimes you can type in a few keywords and you will get a page full of articles that are all around the same topic. Even if the articles have variety, it is unlikely that a blog owner is going to want to have to compete with them.

Even if your blog post offers new information, it may not be enough to sway him or her into accepting your guest post. If your topic is already well covered on the first page of Google, then give it a miss and try something else.

Do not spin content

Blog owners get spun content all the time. This is because spun content is very cheap to produce. Even if you think you are going to get away with spinning it is highly unlikely that you are. Once the blog owner knows that you deal with spun content, you will have a black mark next to your name for the rest of your days.


Do not rewrite other articles No blog owner is going to knowingly accept an article that has been rewritten. Every time an article is re-written, it loses information and clarity. There is little incentive for the blog owner to accept it, and there is a high probability that the blog owner will have already read the piece that you re-write.

Do not write articles with the same titles as other articles ,The blog owner will assume you are submitting a poorly crafted re-write. You may have noticed that some blog titles are repeated quite often on Google.

This is because one title will get a lot of traffic and so other people will try to steal that traffic by copying the title. The method works but is unlikely to convince a blog owner when requesting to post your blog post on their blog.

Try to keep your quality up

It is very tempting to write a few blogs in one sitting, to keep the good ones for yourself and send off the poor quality ones for guest posts. Blog owners are used to this sort of thing.

Blog owners are used to receiving spun content, rewrites, poor quality, bad English and thin content blog posts. Most blog owners can spot this sort of material with the first few glances, so if you are getting a lot of rejections you should seriously consider upping your quality levels.

Do not simply brush over subjects

Try to add a bit of detail into your blog post. If you keep your blog post generic then it will come across as thin and useless (probably quite rightly) and so will be rejected on the spot.

Don’t assume the blog owner will read all of your blog posts

This is a very silly and naïve assumption. You need to make your introduction short, sharp, concise and attractive because it is probably the only part that the blog owner will read in full.
The same goes for if the blog owner asks for a short description of your blog post. You cannot afford to be bland and dry; you will need to sell your blog post as best as you can.

Make your paragraphs short and to the point

Break your points into two or three paragraphs if you can. You should also lower the size of your paragraphs when you are proofreading too. If you can say it successfully with fewer words then you should.

Add no fluff, especially in the introduction

Do not pad out your sentences with extra words because the blog owner will recognize this as a cheap way of upping the word count and will reject your guest blog post.

Try adding headers

This should be done if you keep getting a lot of rejections. Add headers to your articles so that the blog owner can get the gist of your blog from just a glance. If you add this together with a strong introduction then your rejection rate will go down.

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  1. well, i prefer that writers must concentrate on their on blog/website rather thn writing guests posts for other websites. but its also very important to promote your blog in early days . Good info shared above .. keep blogging :)

  2. But mostly people do not accept guest posts Hamid even , the artical is orginal one but how ever the information you have posted helps me allot now i think some where my guest post will accepted , keep up the good work

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